Train to Live, Live to Train (Book)

Book CoverTrain to Live, Live to Train:
An Insider’s Guide to Building the Ultimate Fitness Lifestyle

How to Build a Sustainable Lifestyle of Remarkable Fitness.

Starting at ONLY $57 for 100+ pages of action-packed plan of attack.

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100+ Pages  |  8 Case Studies  |  1 Brand New You


Do You Want to be a Better Athlete? If so, you are not alone…thousands of folks just like you train hard every day to get an edge on the competition. What these folks don’t know–and what you are about to find out–is that hard work alone isn’t enough.

Execution Trumps Genetics Every Time. The race courses of the world are littered with the bodies of insanely fit athletes who simply couldn’t put the right race together. Day to day life is no different. With the right approach connecting your training to the other 90% of your life, you’ll be able to train more, recover faster, and be more consistent.

Excellence Wasn’t Built In A Day. Those cagey veterans who manage to beat you every weekend have a big secret. It’s not some crazy supplement, it’s that they’ve been at the game so long now that they have not only made every mistake in the book…they have built a lifestyle that allows them to complete long term.

Eliminate Your Learning Curve & Go Full Time. Now you can skip the years of errors, injuries and challenges. With the Train to Live Guide, you can get right down to refining your training program and making big-picture changes to how you manage your time, work, and other critical responsibilities.

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Part manifesto, part guidebook, Train To Live is designed to help you connect your athletic passion with your broader world — shaping a lifestyle that leads to success and fulfillment in all the areas that matter to you. The book is written do you can make changes as you move from chapter to chapter by completing the written exercises. Depending on the version you purchase, you will also be able to take advantage of:

  • Up to 8 Case Study / MP3 interviews with successful everyday athletes. From the self-employed to the CEO, here how these everyday folks get it done!
  • A TTL Lifestyle Roadmap to guide you on your journey.
  • 30 Steps to Action daily guide to kick off your transformation.
  • Basic Week Template to plan you training.
  • Reality Checklist
  • 10+ Bonus Videos from Coach Patrick

You will learn:

  • How to build the most effective training plan;
  • The best ways to adjust your schedule and see fast results;
  • How to assess your time & outsource non-critical tasks;
  • How to travel & train for maximum impact;
  • And much more.

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Special Offer

Train To Live, Live to Train will have a one day launch. During this 24-hour period, every one who purchases will:

  • Be invited to a special conference call event with Coach Patrick where he’ll discuss the book and answer questions.
  • Be entered to win one of several unique endurance lifestyle prizes — these will be announced in early November!

Case Studies

How does the high-powered CEO get the training in?

Can stay at home moms be responsible and fit simultaneously?

How connected is fitness to your professional well-being?

Get all these answers and more in the case studies. This diverse group of fun, interesting people has at least one thing in common. They all lead lives of fitness and purpose, making the most of their situation to be their best. Some are hard-core, others are just participants.

Each case study focuses on what makes them tick to give you some insights as to how you can do the same in your life.

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Make A Difference (Shop with Abandon!)

Because every little bit counts, 10% of the purchase price of your copy of TTL will be donated to the Challenged Athletes Foundation. After losing my ability to walk for just 6 weeks, I can’t think of a better way to make a difference in the life of similarly inspired athletes like you and me.

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