I refer to the concept of a “sleeper cell” quite often; it’s an informal group of people who, in our case, live the endurance lifestyle in some way, shape or form. If you actively make your life “work” with regards to training, if you are open to helping others and identify with what I cover here, then I’d love to have you join my sleeper cell. Here’s a few ways you can help.

First, Don’t Be Shy!

I enjoy hearing from people who are on their own endurance lifestyle journey or otherwise interested in the ideas presented here. Please feel free to write in and introduce yourself. You can also say hi and share your feedback in the comments section of any post.

We get more than a thousand unique visits a week, with more and more folks subscribing daily. I’m amazed and humbled by this attention and will constantly strive to do more to earn your company!

I post live updates on what I am doing and thinking on Twitter, I am active on the Endurance Lifestyle Design page on Facebook, and once in a while I’ll post something on LinkedIn or a video on Viddler. Feel free to connect with me in any or all places.

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I don’t want to lose you, so sign up here for email updates or subscribe here to RSS. The email list also includes my “Fit Life Email” series, an exploration of how you can improve your life through exercise that includes actual things you can do!

Spread the Word

Links are the currency of the internet. If you read something here and judge it to be worthy of greater attention, please share it with your own network of followers. You can do this through your blog, web site, or social network (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

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My site is ad-free, but I sell several relevant eBooks and Guides products the work I do. Check out the slowly growing Products Page to learn more.

Speaking to Groups

I like to visit groups and talk about how to maximize your training, reach your race day goals and make being active both personally and socially powerful. Whenever possible, I prefer shorter talks with more interaction instead of long speeches. For more information, just send me a note.


According to some people, I am an expert on triathlon, marathon running, and other endurance-related topics. Since starting this site in 2007, I have been fortunate to receive media coverage from the New York Times,, TransitionTimes, and in Inside Triathlon magazine, and many others. If you represent a media outlet, please let me know if I can help with anything.


If you are looking for further ways to connect with me, please review this page here.

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