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Creating your ideal lifestyle is a full spectrum experience. From fitness to finance, from organizational strategies to dreamlining, from outsourcing to out-thinking the competition…it’s all here. I give you everything I have, as there’s no telling what might be the one thing that will connect with you and help you start your journey.

The following is a list of some of the foundational articles and posts I have written. If you are new to the site, this is a great place to learn a bit more without having to sift through all of my writing.

Please republish my writing…I only ask you give me credit for the work! If you plan on posting it to your blog, let me know as I might drop by and post a comment!

Best of Lifestyle

  1. Living the Fit Life

  2. Goals: To Set or Not to Set, That is the Question
  3. Make More Finish Lines

  4. Daily Efficiency: Getting Started

Best of Planning

  1. Master Planning for the Multi-Tasker: On Being Creative, Outsourcing, and the Big Picture

  2. A Five Year (Plus) Journey to Triathlon Success

  3. Annual Planning Exercise

Best of Self Care

  1. Redefining Your Endurance Diet: Lose Weight, Get Lean & Get Faster This Winter
  2. Sitting vs Standing At Work: Why You Need to Raise Your Working Game
  3. Baby Steps to Standing At Work

Best of Time Management

  1. Conquering Time and Building Dual Purpose Space
  2. Three Steps to Building The Perfect Day

Best of Training

  1. How to Ride Your Bike Like a Veteran, Part 2
  2. Plan A Mini-Camp To Get Faster
  3. Triathlon: Forcing Your Fitness

Best of Bigger Picture

  1. On Living Differently, Not Just Dangerously
  2. On Challenges, Open Doors & Opportunity: Where Are You Living?
  3. Planning The Comeback: Who Do You Want To Be?
  4. Alberto Contador, Andy Schleck, and the Power of Conscience

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