Yoga For Runners (and Triathletes)!


Coach Patrick In Kona
Coach Patrick In Kona

The Official “Runner’s Yoga” Program
Increases Flexibility, Reduce Injuries & Improves Your Form!


Hi! Coach Patrick here a special Yoga offer for you.

As you know, I have long been a proponent of yoga as part of a complete running & triathlon program. I consider flexibility and “body awareness” to be two core components of overall endurance fitness.

Like you, I don’t really have the time for yoga classes. And all the free ones online are really too general to be effective enough for active athletes.

I was doing research for a good online yoga solution in January as part of my resolution, and I discovered what I believe to be one of the best programs around.

It’s called Runner’s Yoga and it is a unique yoga training system you can use enhance your run training … in just 30 minutes.

Runner’s Yoga Includes:

  • Seven illustrated PDF Manuals
  • High Quality Audio files to guide your movements
  • Optional Instructional Video Files to make sure you get every pose right!

I contacted the creator of this program and have crafted a special deal where you can save $20 off the Platinum Level Yoga plan — a total savings of $75! 

Imagine starting — and finishing — your flexibility routine in the same time it would take you to get to the gym!

No more class registration or drill sergeant instructors…the best program is one you can do at home in your own time.

Runner’s Yoga was originally designed for runners and other athletes and is being used by everyone from Olympic Champions and coaches to marathoners and martial artists.

Like you, I was a bit skeptical as to what I’d get for my money, but I was really surprised to see the level of detail and engagement that the material provided. Not to mention the multimedia resources that literally walk you through your session.

But you don’t need to take my word for it – check out the Runner’s Yoga site here.

They have testimonials from world-class athletes and working moms alike. Best of all, I’ve set up a deal where you can save an additional $20 off the discounted Platinum Level program price. Combined, that’s a savings of almost $75!

It’s a fantastic deal, and I have not idea how long this Special Offer will be available to us…so don’t delay!


Coach Patrick

P.S. The whole program can be downloaded and have you on your way to a healthier mind and body in just minutes. In case you missed it, here is the Special Insider Runner’s Yoga link again.

The “Runner’s Yoga” Program Includes:


7 Illustrated PDF Manuals

Every second of every movement is presented, along with the mental imagery to put yourself into the correct alignment!

High-Quality MP3 File

The special rhythmic beat sets the pace … chimes cue the inhale and exhale of your Core Breathing … and crystal-clear directions talk you through the whole 30-minute Runner’s Yoga routine.

Instructional Video Files

Coordinate perfectly with the Illustrated Manuals. They show each movement and posture meticulously broken down into its components

Money Back Guarantee

You have a full two months to explore all the resources included with Runner’s Yoga.

If you are unsatisfied in anyway, you’ll be able to request a 100% refund.

No questions asked!

Still Not Convinced? Take Six FREE Lessons To Decide!

Some people just don’t know if yoga is right for them.

After all, what if it turns out you hate stretching and quiet time!?

Before you pull the trigger on your copy of Runner’s Yoga, you can register for a six-part mini course here.

Take your time to explore the material and put your dedication to the test.

If you decide to get the program, then you’re all set. If not, there’s no additional obligation!

You can register for a six-part mini course here.


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