All of the tools and resources listed below are part of my personal training and racing arsenal. I have gathered them here in one place to make them easier to both manage and easier for you to find. Whenever possible, I have worked out some kind of deal to help you save, so be sure to check each one of them out!



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If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. But how to measure the time you spend on the web? After all, you should be working. This isn’t some evil program your Boss uses; it’s the tool of choice for data-driven professionals looking to measure their productivity when at the computer: “RescueTime is a web-based time management and analytics tool for knowledge workers who want to be more efficient and productive.Learn how you can create your FREE account here. 



Coach Patrick's RestWise Chart for 2012 Thus Far
Coach Patrick's RestWise Chart for 2012 Thus Far

Training is one thing, training right is another thing entirely. In the endurance sports space, building up fatigue and piling on the training are simply par for the course…but it could be taking you OFF course away from your goals this year. I use RestWise’s pulse oximeter and daily questionnaire to make sure I am totally on top of managing my recovery. You can learn more and save 10% on RestWise here.

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