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About Patrick

Written by elite endurance coach Patrick McCrann, the Endurance Lifestyle Design blog explores new and unique ways to be competitive and stay sane. Patrick McCrann is 100% responsible for creating ELD and various other websites related to endurance training and racing. Patrick completed his first sprint triathlon in the summer of 1999 while on break from the Peace Corps. With no wetsuit, riding his brother’s bike and wearing little more than a very obscene Speedo, Patrick simultaneously offended hundreds of spectators and discovered a new sporting passion. As returning to Central Asia put a kink in his triathlon training plans, Patrick had to wait until 2002 and graduate school to complete his first Ironman. Patrick has since transformed his interest in triathlon from a part-time endeavor into a full-time coaching enterprise known as Endurance Nation (EN). Patrick lives and trains in Boston where:

  • He has coached over 200 athletes to the Ironman finishline, including the World Champs in Hawaii.
  • He has competed in 14 Ironman races, from Klagenfurt to Kona, from a low of 11:44 to a personal best of 10:01.
  • He has been known to pull the occasional practical joke on training partner or two (or three or four).

More recently, Patrick’s writings and blogging on triathlon, training and the endurance lifestyle have appeared on eTips,, TransitionTimes, and in Inside Tri magazine.  Patrick currently runs Endurance Nation from a dark corner of Boston. You can hire him to do amazing things for you.

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