Client Testimonials

“Patrick delivered exactly what we were looking for in a speaker! He exceeded expectations as a keynote speaker in his Building Your Best Triathlon Season at our 2012 Endurance Expo. He kept everyone engaged with his dynamic and easy going style. Suffice to say, every attendee took away so much from his topics. Patrick’s message about building the ultimate fitness lifestyle was the perfect start to our event and to this day I refer to his message daily! We are already thinking of future opportunities to bring him back.”

— Stanley Skolfield, ATC, CSCS,
OA Performance Center/Parisi Speed School Manager
OA Centers for Orthopaedics

“Patrick is a remarkably energetic, insightful, and visionary person.  He worked with several internal and external leaders to help us develop a vision for a web-based community.  He brought rich personal experience and understanding of what works and doesn’t work on the web, and his unique experience quickly made him a leader in the group.  Patrick is a pleasure to work with and his passion and skill for community building would add value to any company exploring this space.

— Bill M.  Minneapolis, MN

“As a wife, mother of four young adult sons, business owner, and triathlete, I was confident I had mastered personal and professional stress management. Or so I thought. A huge–and unexpected–benefit of working with Patrick for the past three years as an Endurance Nation athlete has been finding new ways to explore and redefine what it means to live a truly balanced lifestyle.

Following his blogs, reading his new book, and watching how he puts his words into action in his own life, has opened new ways of thinking in my own mind. Patrick has helped me uncover how my personal and professional passions, discipline, and accomplishments can feed and fuel a symbiotic whole–the place where true empowerment lies. I encourage you to read and listen to his words to help you refine and reignite your personal vision.”

— Linda P.  Boston, MA

“My consultation with Patrick McCrann was invaluable. As someone who has “walked the talk” with his own successful online businesses, he saved me years of frustration with his practical steps for taking my dream and turning it into a reality.”

— Erik Hajer  Boston, MA (Online Here)

Athlete Testimonials

“I am in my 5th year in the sport. For the first four years I self-coached/scrambled around with my training. Got the free stuff on line, cut out the magazine workouts and training plans. I also have an education background in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology so I figured I could figure it all out.

This year I hired Patrick. I had also been to a few clinics that he had held last year. Here are some things so far that I’ve learned about working with him:

1. Life is stressful enough and Patrick takes the stress out of figuring out where you are and what you need to do next with your training.

2. Sounding board. Even with experience sometimes having Patrick tell you what you are already thinking has a calming effect and again lets you focus on “just what you need to do.”

3. Someone on the outside looking in. You think you know what your body is doing — but someone with an experienced eye can really tell you. This is really priceless since success and enjoyment in this sport is affected by your technique and how you execute.

4. All the “stuff” on training and training plans out there is set up to hit most of the people most of the time. Working with Patrick can help eliminate the“stuff” that you DON’T need to work on and let you use your training time for those things that YOU will benefit the most from. This has been the big AH-HA for me this year.

Patrick is able to work with you no matter what your level is. First timer to someone who wants to qualify for Hawaii. He can walk the walk on any level. THIS is rare I think. For someone like myself who is in the middle — you benefit from the high end performer who can still relate to your level. It’s great!

There are so many things to spend money on in this sport. Working with Patrick is some of the best money I’ve spent.”

— Kris G., Boston, MA

“I have been working with patrick  for the past 2 years and am **extremely** happy.

He and the rest of the coaches in the PTS group are great at working with people like most of us: age groupers with a busy schedule and obligations such as work, family, etc etc.

Patrick successfully coaches his athletes to perform to the best of their ability, all while highlighting the importance of us doing this sport as a fun hobby and that it’s important to keep in mind the fun aspect of it – I think this perspective he has is key to the success his athletes have had.

Most of us don’t have all day/year to train like the pros do – work, family etc might sometimes/often take priority over our training, he understands all of this (he is a dad and runs PTS full-time…yet has managed to qualify and go to kona at the same time – and previous to this he worked full time and in total has completed 14 ironmans).

Yet somehow he manages to schedule our training in a way that lets us enjoy what’s important in our lives outside of triathlon, but keeps us focused on our training by scheduling quality training sessions in the time available to us to train.

I PR’ed on all my races in 2006…and my 1st ironman back in july went very smoothly – and yes, while i’m the one who “did the work”, his guidance/coaching helped to make that happen.”

— Pam R., Los Angeles, CA

“The 10Hours system totally ROCKS! I bought Coach P’s book and used tools to plan the rest of my year. I had a great end to my season on focused training. Can’t wait to it again in 2008!”

— Joe S.

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