Making Ordinary People Superhuman. Daily.

I help people like you achieve their athletic, personal and professional goals without sacrificing time or wasting other precious resources.

  • You want to be your athletic best to tackle an Ironman…or something more extreme.
  • You are launching a new venture and need a veteran’s perspective and insight.
  • You are struggling and need to re-focus your work for maximum efficiency and profit.

Don’t wait for all of the stars to align to take your next step.

I bring over a decade of experience as a world-class triathlete and entrepreneur to the table. I live and breathe my work. I am a walking brainstorm. You are my top priority. I bring years of intensity, rigor and focus to each individual client engagement.1-on-1 Sessions with Patrick

Superhuman Session — $125

Experience, inspiration, and practicality. 100% focused on you, your situation, and your potential to rock the world. On the phone only. I review your background and situation in advance. Each conversation typically runs about half an hour. Inspiration and how-to included every time.

Note: I prefer to work with athletes and entrepreneurs.

Our first session will be a one-time exploratory conversation of your season, your big idea, your mission. We’ll cover opportunities and outline strategies. I bring the experience of multiple online ventures and years of personal coaching to bear on your concept.

Energy + Efficiency + Inspiration.

I consider my job to be simple — all I have to do is show you what’s possible and how to get there. Which course of action you take is ultimately up to you. Choose one. Choose them all. Above all else, DO SOMETHING.Each Session Includes:

Each Superhuman Session Includes:

  1. An Initial Examination. A meaningful, preliminary inquiry into your current situation. I will email it to you when you book your session. This brief Q&A is a very valuable process in and of itself, and it will inform most of what our Session will cover.
  2. Advance research and assessment. I will review any relevant websites, books, resources on your work or industry in advance of our session.
  3. A thirty-minute consulting session for you and your athletic / life / business goals. This includes time for your question; additional edits & input can happen in follow up emails.
  4. An MP3 audio file of the recorded session emailed to you for further review.

How to Book Your Session

How to Book Your Session

  1. Register for a Superhuman Session online here.
  2. We confirm a date & time for the session.
  3. I’ll email you a set of questions about your situation and ambitions. Note: Please send the Q&A back at least two days before our session.
  4. Then…It’s on! We put our heads together and see what emerges. There are no limits here…everything is game.
  5. The MP3 recording of the phone session will be emailed to you.
  6. Then…you go forth and dominate your world like you were meant to do.

Feedback + Testimonials

Feedback + Testimonials

“Patrick is a remarkably energetic, insightful, and visionary person.  He worked with several internal and external leaders to help us develop a vision for a web-based community.  He brought rich personal experience and understanding of what works and doesn’t work on the web, and his unique experience quickly made him a leader in the group.  Patrick is a pleasure to work with and his passion and skill for community building would add value to any company exploring this space.

— Bill M.  Thrivent Financial; Minneapolis, MN

“As a wife, mother of four young adult sons, business owner, and triathlete, I was confident I had mastered personal and professional stress management. Or so I thought. A huge–and unexpected–benefit of working with Patrick for the past three years as an Endurance Nation athlete has been finding new ways to explore and redefine what it means to live a truly balanced lifestyle.

Following his blogs, reading his new book, and watching how he puts his words into action in his own life, has opened new ways of thinking in my own mind. Patrick has helped me uncover how my personal and professional passions, discipline, and accomplishments can feed and fuel a symbiotic whole–the place where true empowerment lies. I encourage you to read and listen to his words to help you refine and reignite your personal vision.”

— Linda P.  Boston, MA (Online Here)

“My consultation with Patrick McCrann was invaluable. As someone who has “walked the talk” with his own successful online businesses, he saved me years of frustration with his practical steps for taking my dream and turning it into a reality.”

— Erik Hajer  Boston, MA (Online Here)

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