Forget about constant training. Learn how to design your own training—and get faster

Coach Patrick in Kona
Hi, I’m Patrick McCrann, author, 4-time Ironman Hawaii & 3-time Boston Marathon finisher. My coaching & training advice has been used by thousands of triathletes and runners.

Here’s how my advice on fitness & training will make you faster…

  • Save thousands of dollars by focusing on your own training instead of hiring big name coaches or buying the wrong gear — I’ll show you which steps are the most important to you now, and the exact steps to take to improve
  • Discover step-by-step how to build out your personal best schedule using skills & knowledge you already have. If you don’t know where to start, I’ll help you with my templates
  • Throw away those cookie-cutter plans and get better faster — learn the tested system thousands of my readers have used to take charge of their fitness and achieve their athletic goals
  • Master the psychology of performance and motivation — Don’t waste your money buying toys and chasing technology in hopes of improvement. Learn my proven techniques for making getting fitter easier and more fun
  • I’ll tell you exactly how I train — and how to avoid classic mistakes where you end up fading before the big race and blowing your season
  • Turn a bad season around with a simple planning strategy — I’ll show you how to get from where you’ve gotten stuck to where you want to be
  • And more, all at no cost!
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Start making changes TODAY

This website is all about results. About the exact steps can you take TODAY to save more, earn more, and live a rich life. I’ll prove it with this video on tested scripts you can use TODAY to get credit card and bank fees waived

  • Say NO to credit card fees
  • Say NO to banking fees
  • Get my tested scripts for getting your fees waived
  • My readers have used these scripts to save thousands
  • Try it today and save

Forget about saving or budgeting – automate your money

This tip was a hit in New York Times & on Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Work Week blog

Say goodbye to late fees, overdraft penalties, meager savings, and stress over money. I’ll show you how to automate your finances step-by-step so you can pay your bills in your sleep, relax when your car breaks down (you’ve got money to fix it), and spend money on the things you love, guilt-free. It’s easy to set up, and you can start no matter how much money you have. Even if you’re in debt

Start making your list now of what you will do with an extra $1000 each month…

…because that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to get.

What would YOU do with an extra $1,000 a month? You don’t have to start the next Facebook to earn more money. I’ll share with you the exact strategies, tactics, and email scripts that thousands of my students have used to start making extra money on the side.

Worried you don’t have any idea? Don’t sweat it – my FREE Insider’s Kit comes with a Idea Generator tool to get you going.

Idea Generator Tool (PDF & MP3)

Since the toughest part of earning more is finding an idea, these free tools have been designed to give you faster results.

pdf mp3

Learn from people just like you…

My advice on earning more has helped people from all walks of life put more cash in their pockets. Working professionals, students, parents, men, women, techies, artists, socialites, introverts, you name it. The PROVEN tactics and techniques I teach can be applied to any situation.

So forget long, boring books and generic “Top 10 ways to save” lists. Check out these detailed case studies from REAL PEOPLE who have already used this material to earn thousands of dollars.

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Results Prove everything

It doesn’t matter that I graduated from Stanford, wrote a New York Times bestseller, or co-founded the venture-backed startup PBwiki. My advice is good advice because I prove it works with case studies and testimonials.

Carla used my negotiation tips to get a new job

Stephanie saved $2,300 using techniques from IWTYTBR

…I used negotiation techniques outlined in the I Will Teach You to be Rich book and blog to negotiate with my apartment complex when I wanted to transfer to a larger unit. All told, I got them to waive or reduce fees, deposits, and my new monthly rent for a total savings of over $2,300. That’s a big win for spending less than half hour of my time in the leasing office!…”

Dunte followed my plan, got out of debt, and now has a steady stream of retirement savings

…I’ve automated the finances, settled the cards (actually cancelled them and settled them, but I’ll get back to one manageable card after some time off), and have a steady stream of retirement savings from the primary job, in addition to savings for my own fun things…This email is just to say what you already know well — your stuff works…”

Kevin shared some of my advice with his friend, and she saved $3,500

I encouraged her to call her credit card company and talk to them. ‘What are you going to lose! Plus, credit card companies would much rather have you pay something then nothing at all.’ I shared a few of the negotiation scripts.

Yesterday, she mentioned to me..”Oh, by the way Kevin – I called the Credit Card company, and they dropped all of my interest and got my balance down to just $2500! That means I can pay off my debt in 18 months!” My response was simple. “See I just saved you $3500, now, go read his book.”

Bruce took my advice and saved $4500 on his car, got a new job and a 21% raise

.. I’d heard all of the Dave Ramsey/Suze Orman/Ric Edelman advice (some of it good, some of it not so good), but yours really stood out since you advocated making up one’s own mind and executing ruthlessly on your plan. I recently used two of your strategies to improve my condition greatly…

Going in with a solid plan for the role, showing my value up front, and negotiating from the minute I sat down in the hiring manager’s office resulted in an offer of $75,000, a 21% increase.

…I liked your ideas about emailing the Internet Managers at various dealerships and getting them to bid against one another, so once I found the car I wanted, I emailed eight dealerships in Colorado and I asked them for their best offer. Two bidding cycles later, I bought a new 2011 Dodge Caravan, with a $29,000 sticker ($27,500 invoice) negotiated down to $24,500… $4500 off sticker price, a return of $375 per hour…”

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Get my FREE Insider’s Kit & NO B.S. Advice on Money

100% privacy, 0% games and B.S. I promise never to spam you!

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