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The 5 Love Languages of Children

Lifestyle // 30. Nov, 2016



Tweet Go to the Amazon Page for more info.  Premise is that our kids have specific ways that they both feel and express love. In order to meet their needs, we as parents have to find a way to “fill their emotional tanks” using the type of love that resonates most with our children.  This […]

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October 2016 Training Update

Lifestyle // 03. Nov, 2016



Tweet After a few weeks of consistency, I had built my bike and run fitness up to a pretty stable level. I was running approximately 12 to 15 miles a week and then cycling somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.5 to 5 hours a week. Overall very pleased with the results and excited to head […]

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September Training Update

Lifestyle // 06. Sep, 2016



Tweet August was a big month for our family as we finished up supporting Maura through her Ironman Lake Placid (number seven!) With the house stuff complete and Lake Placid behind us we spent the better part of August enjoying the summer. Lots of good travel visiting friends and generally having a lot of fun!  […]

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Training Update – Ready Or Not

Lifestyle // 02. Aug, 2016



Tweet Last month was definitely crazy as we closed out the school year and moved back into our house. There was just so much to do between home and work that training was almost nonexistent for me. Bonus that my incredible wife was doing her sixth Ironman® in Lake Placid. That meant getting all the logistics […]

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